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Jablonska, Elzbieta
Rekonstruktion der Wachssiegel aus dem XIV. und XVI. Jahrhundert [PDF]
IADA Kongress. Tübingen, 1995. S. 51-60

Jackson, Cheryl
A Short Research Project into the Permanence of Thermal Fax Papers [HTML]
The Abbey Newsletter, Vol. 13, Num. 8 (Dec 1989)

Jacobs, A. J.
The Influence of Oxygen on the Fading of Organic Colorants [HTML]
JAIC 1979, Volume 18, Number 2, Article 4 (pp. 108 to 117)

Jacobs, A.J.
The Influence of Deacidification on the Deterioration of Paper [HTML]
JAIC 1979, Volume 19, Number 1, Article 5 (pp. 34 to 41)

Jacobs, David E.
The Conservator's Digest of Guidelines for the Evaluation and Control of Lead-Based paint Hazards in Housing [HTML]
WAAC Newsletter, Vol. 20, Num. 2 (1998-05)

Jacobs, Erich
Technical Exchange [HTML]
WAAC Newsletter, Vol. 15, Num. 2 (1993-05)

Jacobson, Carl
Institutional Imaging: Sharing the Campus Image

Jacobson, Emily
Going Beyond Appearance: Use of Imaging Technology for the Examination of Hidden Paint Layers in a Gulistan of Sa'di from the Freer Collection (abstract) [PDF]
The Book and Paper Group Annual, Vol. 32 (2013)

Jacobson, Emily Klayman
Solving the Puzzle of Debora's Diary [PDF]
The Book and Paper Group Annual, Vol. 24 (2005)

Jahoda-Troschke, Karin
Street Head - I and the Big Man. Restaurierung eines Objektes von Claes Oldenburg [PDF]
IADA Kongress. Den Haag, 1983. S. 199-210

Jakes, Kathryn A.
The Recovery and Drying of Textiles from a Deep Ocean Historic Shipwreck [HTML]
JAIC 1992, Volume 31, Number 3, Article 6 (pp. 343 to 353)
Cellulolytic Biodegradation of Cotton Fibers from a Deep-ocean Environment [HTML]
JAIC 2001, Volume 40, Number 2, Article 2 (pp. 01 to 13)

James, A. Everette
Digital Radiography in the Analysis of Paintings: a New and Promising Technique [HTML]
JAIC 1982, Volume 22, Number 1, Article 5 (pp. 41 to 48)

James, Erica E.
Technical Study of Ethiopian Icons, National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution [HTML]
JAIC 2005, Volume 44, Number 1, Article 4 (pp. 39 to 50)

Jamison, Jamye
A Dionysian Dilemma: The Conservation and Display of Oversized Pompeian Watercolors at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology [PDF]
The Book and Paper Group Annual, Vol. 29 (2010)
Book and Paper Group Tips Session 2013: Contemporary Treatment Tips and Techniques [PDF]
The Book and Paper Group Annual, Vol. 32 (2013)

Janis, Katrin
Lösen von Papyrusschichten in der Kartonage eines Mumienpektorals [PDF]
IADA Kongress. Tübingen, 1995. S. 229

Jarry, Narelle
Computer Imaging Technology: The Process of Identification [HTML]
The Book and Paper Group Annual, Vol. 15 (1996)

JãUregui, Andrea
Blue Pigments in South American Painting (1610–1780) [HTML]
JAIC 1999, Volume 38, Number 2, Article 1 (pp. 100 to 123)

Jay Scott, Odell
Book Reviews [HTML]
JAIC 1997, Volume 36, Number 1, Article 6 (pp. 82 to 90)

Jembrih-Simbürger, Dubravka
To Treat of Not to Treat--That is the Question: Options for the Conservation of Iron-Gall Ink on Paper [PDF]
The Book and Paper Group Annual, Vol. 26 (2007)

Jenkins, Adam
Photographing Ultra-Violet Fluorescence with Digital Cameras [HTML]
WAAC Newsletter, Vol. 23, Num. 2 (2001-05)

Jensen, Craig
BookLab to Close Down Nov. 30 [HTML]
The Abbey Newsletter, Vol. 22, Num. 3 (1998)

Jermann, Peter
Preservation of electronic formats [HTML]
The Abbey Newsletter, Vol. 17, Num. 7-8 (Dec 1993)
Letters [HTML]
The Abbey Newsletter, Vol. 12, Num. 7 (Nov 1988)
Saint Bonaventure University Preservation Department [HTML]
The Book and Paper Group Annual, Vol. 11 (1992)

Jerschow, Alexej
Unilateral Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Oil Stains on Paper (abstract) [PDF]
The Book and Paper Group Annual, Vol. 28 (2009)

Jessell, Bettina
Helmut Ruhemann's Inpainting Techniques [HTML]
JAIC 1977, Volume 17, Number 1, Article 1 (pp. 01 to 08)

Jessup, Wendy
Integrated Pest Management: A Selected Bibliography for Collections Care

Jett, Paul
Book Reviews [HTML]
JAIC 1996, Volume 35, Number 1, Article 5 (pp. 61 to 73)

Jewell, Stephanie
Two New Techniques for Loss Compensation in Art on Paper: Integration of Surface Losses Using Textile Fibers and the Use of Sprayed Cellulose Powder To Minimize Foxing and Other Discoloration (abstract) [PDF]
The Book and Paper Group Annual, Vol. 32 (2013)

Jewett, Kenneth L.
Protection of Archival Materials from Pollutants: Diffusion of Sulfur Dioxide through Boxboard [HTML]
JAIC 1993, Volume 32, Number 1, Article 7 (pp. 81 to 92)

Jimenez, Mona
Introduction [HTML]
JAIC 2001, Volume 40, Number 3, Article 1 (pp. 177 to 178)

Jinying, Zhang
Einführung in die Kunst des Restaurierens von alten chinesischen Büchern und bildlichen Darstellungen [PDF]
IADA Kongress. Berlin, 1987. S. 387-407

Jirat-Wasiutynski, Thea
Sprayed Poly (Vinyl Acetate) Heat Seal Adhesive Lining of Pen and Iron Gall Ink Drawings on Tracing Paper [HTML]
JAIC 1980, Volume 19, Number 2, Article 5 (pp. 96 to 102)

Johnsen, Jesper Stub
Chemical treatment of black-and-white negatives [PDF]
IADA Kongress. Uppsala, 1991. S. 191-196
Archival processing of black-and-white photographs as preventive conservation [PDF]
IADA Kongress. Tübingen, 1995. S. 123-130

Johnson, Benita
President's Letter [HTML]
WAAC Newsletter, Vol. 9, Num. 1 (1987-01)
Change of Newsletter Editor [HTML]
WAAC Newsletter, Vol. 9, Num. 2 (1987-05)
President's Letter: WAAC Annual Meeting [HTML]
WAAC Newsletter, Vol. 9, Num. 3 (1987-09)

Johnson, Benjamin B.
An Interim Report on the Conservation of the Arthur F. Mathews Murals in the State Capitol Building in Sacramento [HTML]
WAAC Newsletter, Vol. 4, Num. 1 (1982-02)

Johnson, Diana
The Challenge of Attribution: Technical Examination of a Bronze Ding [PDF]
ANAGPIC Student Papers, Vol. 2008 (2008)

Johnson, Jessica S.
Conservation and Archaeology in Great Britain and the United States: a Comparison [HTML]
JAIC 1993, Volume 32, Number 3, Article 4 (pp. 249 to 269)
Practical Aspects of Consultation with Communities [HTML]
JAIC 2005, Volume 44, Number 3, Article 5 (pp. 203 to 215)

Johnson, Justin
Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group 2011: Models for Educating Library and Archives Conservators [PDF]
The Book and Paper Group Annual, Vol. 30 (2011)

Johnson, Ronald
Strip `Teas': Solubility Data for the Removal (and Application) of Low Molecular Weight Synthetic Resins Used as Inpainting Media and Picture Varnishes [PDF]
WAAC Newsletter, Vol. 30, Num. 1 (2008-01)

Johnson, Teiko M.
Gelation Properties of Albumen Proteins, Singly and in Combination [HTML]
Poultry Science. Vol. 60. pp. 2071-2083

Johnston-Feller, Ruth
The Kinetics of Fading: Opaque Paint Films Pigmented with Alizarin Lake and Titanium Dioxide [HTML]
JAIC 1984, Volume 23, Number 2, Article 4 (pp. 114 to 129)

Johnston-Feller, Ruth M.
Determination of the Specific Rate Constant for the Loss of a Yellow Intermediate During the Fading of Alizarin Lake [HTML]
JAIC 1986, Volume 25, Number 2, Article 1 (pp. 65 to 72)

Joice, Gail
Reverberations of September 11 [PDF]
WAAC Newsletter, Vol. 25, Num. 2 (2003-05)

Jokilehto, Jukka
Iccrom's Involvement in Risk Preparedness [HTML]
JAIC , Volume 39, Number 1, Article 14 (pp. to )

Jones, Caitlin
Seeing Double: Emulation in Theory and Practice [PDF]

Jones, C. Lee
Letters [HTML]
The Abbey Newsletter, Vol. 14, Num. 5 (Aug 1990)

Jones, Lynn
NEH Sponsors Collection Conservation Training [HTML]
The Abbey Newsletter, Vol. 18, Num. 6 (Oct 1994)

Jones, Norvell
Mass Deacidification: Considerations for Archives [HTML]
The Abbey Newsletter, Vol. 23, Num. 7-8 (1999)
The Code of Ethics and Archival Conservation [HTML]
The Book and Paper Group Annual, Vol. 4 (1985)

Jones, Norvell M. M.
The Effects of Wash Water Quality on the Aging Characteristics of Paper [HTML]
JAIC 1979, Volume 18, Number 2, Article 1 (pp. 61 to 81)
Pressure-sensitive Tape and Techniques for Its Removal from Paper [HTML]
JAIC 1984, Volume 23, Number 2, Article 3 (pp. 101 to 113)

Jones, Norvell M. M. II
Pressure-Sensitive Tape and Techniques for its Removal [HTML]
The Book and Paper Group Annual, Vol. 2 (1983)

Jones, Philip Mallory
playback 96-Conference transcript-Artist's Perspective [HTML]

Jones, Samuel
It's a Material World: Caring for the public realm [PDF]

Jones, Sian B.
Book Reviews [HTML]
JAIC 1993, Volume 32, Number 3, Article 9 (pp. 315 to 321)

Jones, Willie M.
TIC-TAC-Tornado [HTML]
Disaster Recovery Journal, Volume 12, Issue 2, Spring 1999
Trial by Tornado: One records facility's response to a devastating tornado demonstrates the necessity of a solid disaster recovery plan [HTML]
Infopro, Vol. 2, Number 1, Pp. 37-39

Jonsson, Axel
Konservierung von Pergament [PDF]
IADA Kongress. Kopenhagen, 1975. S. 130-134

Jordan-Mowery, Sonja K.
Going All the Way: Achieving the Full Potential of Collaboration between Conservators and Scientists to Produce Information, Products, and Processes of Demonstrated Use at the Bench [PDF]
The Book and Paper Group Annual, Vol. 31 (2012)

Jordan, Tammy
Using Magnets as a Conservation Tool: A New Look at Tension Drying Damaged Vellum Documents [PDF]
The Book and Paper Group Annual, Vol. 30 (2011)

J. Paul Getty Trust
Luna Imaging venture

Jue, Erin
(Lacks title) [PDF]
ANAGPIC Student Papers, Vol. 2007 (2007)
The Characterization of Three UV-Inhibiting Fixatives Used for Works of Art on Paper [PDF]
ANAGPIC Student Papers, Vol. 2007 (2007)

Juergens, Martin
Digital Print Identification Tool [HTML]

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