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London Airfares Drop- Register for the Conference Now!

The ARSC 2001 Annual Conference in conjunction with IASA (International
Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives) will be held at The British
Library in London, from 23 to 27 September.  Members should have received
their conference packets by now, which include registration and hotel
booking forms.  Please note that the early registration deadline is July 27-
just 24 days away!   Tours are filling up quickly, so consider registering
online (www.bl.uk/collections/sound-archive/iasa.html ) or by fax to ensure
prompt receipt of your registration.   
If you've been waiting to buy a plane ticket, now is a good time to begin
checking fares.  This past week I've noticed that airfares to Europe during
the fall "shoulder season" have begun to drop in price.  For example,
American Airlines is offering E-fares to London for fall travel that are
significantly less than previously posted fares.  NYC to London Heathrow is
$429 RT (slightly higher for weekend travel), and Chicago to London is $469.
All cities served by AA seem to be included in this offer.  Go to:
www.aa.com and click on netsaver fares, then look for the international fall
travel special.  I've been checking my favorite travel website
(Bestfares.com) every day and will notify the list of any additional London
airfare specials that are posted in the next couple of weeks.

Brenda Nelson-Strauss
Director, Rosenthal Archives
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
220 So. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL  60604
Tel.: 312-294-3057
Fax:  312-294-3056 

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