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Re: arsclist DAT Longevity (a question)

At 03:18 PM 07/09/2001 -0500, Karl Miller wrote:

Does anyone have a source for information on the longevity of DAT tapes?


The short answer is I have less faith that I'll be able to play the DATs of the old tapes I've transferred 55 years from now than my ability to play the original 55-year old tapes.

The narrow track width and the long-term availability of machines are my major concerns. Some are also concerned about the thinness of the tape and the type of coating.

If you noticed Parker Dinkins's post about the tape wandering--my transfers of 55-year old tapes had the tape doing a bobsled run on the heads. That kind of deformation would be pretty hard to track on a DAT!

I think that the major faith for long-term survival is being placed in gold CD-Rs and analog tape.



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