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Tyvek Sleeves Again

In my earlier post asking for a supplier for plain Tyvek sleeves, I forgot to mention an important feature I'm looking for. Several people have responded with helpful links to sites but the items being offered do not have an enclosure flap.
In other words, what I want is the most simple thing imaginable-- a plain white Tyvek CD sleeve with a close-flap and no window. All the windowless sleeves I've seen being offered have no flap. Most of these products, I suspect, are aimed at marketing and distribution of CDs. Thus displaying the CD graphics or providing sticky backing options or easy in and out access or economizing on paper stock all seem to take precedence. Since I want to store CDs I don't want dust settling in through a wide open slot on the top. I also would like to avoid adhesive inside the sleeve as is standard with most *archival* type enclosures.
It's interesting that what (to my way of thinking) should be such an obvious and easy product to make doesn't seem to be offered. If a ready supplier can't be found, maybe the next step is to see if any company would consider tooling up to add such an item to their product line.
I appreciate everyone's leads (David and Terry) and will welcome any further information if anyone finds a supplier for this kind of sleeve.
Steve Green

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