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Re: arsclist acetate recordings

On 27-Jul-01, Doug Pomeroy wrote:
> I run across this problem frequently, and have tried various
> techniques. One which will sometimes work with lacquer which has come
> loose in large pieces is to apply some viscous fluid to the surface,
> letting it run *under* the loose piece, which when pressed down, will
> then adhere to the aluminum so that the disc can be played at least
> once (with a light tracking force, and also at greatly reduced speed).
> I have used corn oil, and also vaseline with some success. This is
> simply a way to improve the chance of making one successful transfer
> before discarding the disc. A surface which has lots of large cracks
> (due to shrinkage of the lacquer), but no loose pieces can actualy
> present a worse problem, since there is no way to fill-in the cracks,

John R. T. Davies (the leading transfer engineer for jazz 78s) has some
methods for filling cracks in 78s which might perhaps be applied to acetates.


Don Cox

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