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Re: arsclist Save Our Sounds

From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Steven Smolian and others commented on what seems to be a 
nationwide program which everybody has seen and seen fit to 
comment - but with no warning beforehand that it would be 
transmitted. Had I known, I would have had US friends tape it for 
deferred viewing by me. Is the program available on the web? Will 
the LOC or NA make it available? Or has anybody taped it so that I 
might in future see it by deferred viewing? Until then I will have to 
make do with the following video sequence given on the web, but it 
is not very satisfactory:

Link:  http://www.neocities.us/callforhelp-a-thon/

Best regards and happy new year (use by 31 December 2003)

part of Steven's comment:
> Some further comments on the Save Our Sounds TV program.
> Overall, this show was a considerable improvement over past TV
> coverages of topics about which I knew something.  I'd give them a B
> to B+ overall.

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