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Re: arsclist Cassette Sticky-Shed

In a message dated 1/6/2003 5:53:15 AM Pacific Standard Time, Nigel.Bewley@xxxxx writes:

David: when you use this extra spindle idea do you achieve enough tape contact on the replay head?

Dear Nigel,
first of all I want to thank you for your response.  It is thoughtful and helpful.

On occasion, I do find some residue on the playhead after I have run a tape.  I have not run any tapes twice, so I do not know if it is enough to residue to damage the tape should I desire to play it a second time.  Of course I clean the heads between every transfer.  I am continuing to find that this method does work and would also advise caution.  If a test tape proves that the play head contains too much residue, my method may not work.  But for many, the squeak is more serious than replaying the tapes over and over again.  By the way, I am transferring to both a dat recorder and to CDROM.  My tapes contain primarily spoken word.  Which would you advise?

Best regards,
David Hoffman

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