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Re: arsclist MLA's 72nd Annual Meeting

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Sent: Monday, January 06, 2003 3:27 PM
Subject: arsclist MLA's 72nd Annual Meeting

> As part of the conference, MLA's Education Committee and Bibliographic
Instruction Subcommittee is sponsoring a continuing education workshop on
information literacy.  The presenters will discuss the background and
philosophies of information literacy, the current information literacy world
and practical tools for teaching and assessment.
Does "information literacy" refer to databases and/or digital cataloguing
(as well as "analog" non-computer
cataloguing)? If so, I'd appreciate someone taking notes for me, since this
is not only an area of interest
but an area in which I hope to discuss or at least see discussed at the
upcoming ARSC. I'd like to know
how this is being approached from a library standpoint, which often seems to
be all but unrelated to the
non-library world...

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