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Re: NYT Editorial: The Coming of Copyright Perpetuity

| In my untrained and inexpert opinion, the decision by the Supremes comes | down to declaring that the Constitutional purpose may be ignored given the | Constitutional power assigned to the Congress. | | Mike | mrichter@xxxxxxx | http://www.mrichter.com/ |

So join the campaign and write the members of congress, as they are the
only ones now that can do anything about it.  Or vote them out...the ones
that seem to be owned by the corporations.

from www.wikepedia.org :

"Copyright owners successfully lobbied Congress for an extension of
copyright, to provide for the same term of protection as exists in Europe.
Hence both houses of the United States Congress passed the act as Public
Law 105-298 with a voice vote, making it impossible to determine who voted
for the act and who voted against it, and passed it during both the Monica
Lewinsky sex scandal and the Kosovo War, ensuring that the act would get
little coverage from the mainstream media."

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