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Re: [ARSCLIST] Tonearms

I've had an SME 16" arm mounted on a Technics arm base for years and use it
as you describe.  Works fine. I raide it for Edisons, lower it for thin
lacquers, etc.  I've made a longer pin that fits over the spindle and use
extra ruibber turntable pads to account for the extra height that's

Steve Smolian

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> Kurt,
>  It seems the arm of choice is either a SME 3009 for 12" records or a
> 3012 for use with up to 16" records. This is a very good arm that is
> mildly affordable. The 3009 can be purchased on ebay for 200-300 and the
> 3012 for a bit more.
>  The only drawback to these arms is that the Vertical tracking Angle
> (VTA) isn't easily adjusted. It uses a set screw to hold the arm in
> place, to adjust, you have to loosen the set screw and raise or lower
> the arm by hand. If you transcribe a lot of different types of discs
> this can be a major pain. And after a while, the arm tube can become
> dimpled, making repeat or finite adjustments nearly impossible.
>  Personally I prefer the Technics EPA-250 arm for most records, as this
> arm has a removable headshell, removable arm tube, and a very easily
> adjustable VTA. In fact the VTA action is so smooth. you can actually
> adjust it while playing a record. To low and the low end gets a bit
> wooly, to high and the top end gets too bright.
>  I have been toying around with the idea of manufacturing a similar type
> setup for use with the SME arms. The arm would mount to a base that has
> a large adjustable ring to raise and lower the arm. Unfortunately the
> machining process would be very complex and the cost would be high,
> 300-500.00 per unit.
> Dave Meyers
> Overkill audio inc.
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> I sent this email, and it never showed up in my mailbox. Therefore I am
> sending it again. If you get it twice, my apologies!
> What is the preferred SME tonearm for playing 78s? What about 16" ETs?
> Are
> there other arms made by other manufacturers as good?
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