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Re: [ARSCLIST] question regarding cleaning shellac

On 24/01/03, Bewley, Nigel wrote:
> David Sager asked about washing shellac.
> We sometimes wash shellac in tepid water using Kodak Photoflo. The
> dilution is dilute, a couple of drops in 500ml and is there as a
> wetting agent rather than a 'bubbly detergent'. Having first
> pre-washed the disc under a running tap (a faucet will do!) we use a
> wet soft nylon brush to clean the disc in a concentric motion 'with
> the grooves' using the Photoflo water. Fingers work well too but the
> brush will get into the groove. The vitally important last step is to
> rinse the disc most thoroughly with distilled water to remove all
> traces of tap water so as to prevent depositing lime scale. No harmful
> effects on shellac to date, but be careful of the label.

The Disco-Antistat is useful for this kind of cleaning. It has nylon
brushes and keeps the water off the label. Of course, you throw away the
fluid provided and use distilled water with a drop or two of PhotoFlow or


Here is one dealer:

A Google search will bring up more dealers.

Don Cox

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