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Re: [ARSCLIST] National Recording Registry

> The tenor of your post suggested: How dare they permit such a radical on
> that sacred list. <snip>
> If you reread what you wrote, you may see that it sounds as though written
> by a neo-McCarthyite. Your sarcasm was lost on me, I'm afraid, without the
> explanation you provided above.

Is there an emoticon for sarcasm?;^=)
The sarcasm wasn't lost on me, though the irony of Woody's inclusion
My friend Michael Hurley (a fine songwriter and folksinger in his own
at a Folk festival once, said "Seeing as how we're at a Folk festival, I
think it's only appropriate that I do one of Woody's", and then launched
into "The Woody Woodpecker Song".

-Matt Sohn (who was surprised that the list failed to include Billy Murray's
cylinder recording of "You're a Grand Old Rag")

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