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Re: [ARSCLIST] National Recording Registry

I know that a call for nominations was disseminated widely on lists that
include both the ARSClist and (I'm pretty sure) 78-L. Don't forget there's
always next year as well (and the year after and the year after that). There
was a large number of worthy candidates on the first pass, and the decisions
about what to include were difficult. Certainly not everyone who was even in
the room would have chosen those particular 50 that were announced. Indeed,
the panel only acts in an advisory capacity to Dr. Billington, who makes the
final decisions.


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> > If you hadn't seen it yet, the 2002 National Recording
> Registry is up on
> > the Library of Congress web site:
> Having finally seen this (the first post didn't link to the list), I'm
> somewhat
> surprised what IS on it (some items are historic milestones,
> but were only
> recorded by accident as a result of having been broadcast...I question
> their inclusion in a list of *recordings*...) and what ISN'T
> (the first
> Mamie
> Smith Okeh, for one...Dalhart's "Wreck of the Old 97 for
> another...and I
> can think of more!)
> It would be interesting to omit the items that belong on a list of
> historical
> milestones rather than recording milestones, along with a few
> that appear
> to be nods to political correctness, and assemble a list of important
> commercial recordings that were intended as recordings!
> My opinion only...
> ...stevenc

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