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Re: [ARSCLIST] Collection for sale

As a seller,I am aware of the open reel tape market.On the other hand,I have a Westminster two-track,I have been unable to unload,after three listings.

What really gets me,are the big price rises I have seen in the  past year,on AC/DC (I have two Bon Scott/Valentines 45s,I paid next to nothing for on eBay,in like,2003.),and especially Van Morrison.I'm almost tempted to sell my three early70s white label promos,which I have seen with 15+ bids,and prices over $225  each.Yes,I would call that crazy.Yesterday,I saw an early 70s UK mono  "box" label press of the first Rolling Stones  Lp,like the one I once got at a Goodwill,close at $175,with 17 bids.Same  for this.


carlstephen koto <cskoto@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: Speaking of crazy,.. I collect reel to reel tapes (in a minor way)  
and an auction of one came to my attention a couple of weeks ago. It  
was a Japanese 7" 7.5 ips 1/4 track issue of Pink Floyd's "Adam Heart  
Mother".  The reason this auction attracted the interest of several  
tape collectors was that it had already reached a bid of over $400  
with two days left. By the next day, it was over $700. At that point,  
I speculated that it would go for over $1k. I guess that's why I  
usually lose bidding wars. The final price was over $1800! We were  
flabbergasted. Luckily, I suggested some reasons why a single 7" tape  
could be worth that much to someone when one of the regular posters  
let us know that he'd bid $1600 on the tape.
BTW reel to reel tapes have had a dramatic upswing in prices the last  
year or so. But nothing like that!
Steve Koto
On Feb 22, 2008, at 7:55 PM, Roger and Allison Kulp wrote:

> The market is crazy,and unpredictable.I don't want to sell any of  
> my rarer,and pricier pieces,but I buy almost a record a day on  
> eBay,and I sell vinyl and shellac to support my habit.Even without  
> selling my good stuff,I sell records that I an very surprised at  
> what the go for.I mean,whoda thunk a copy of the Denver version of  
> "High School USA",would go for close to ninety bucks ? A year or so  
> earlier,I couldn't give the same record away.
>                                          Roger
> phillip holmes  wrote: People like that  
> get what they deserve.  They think some '80s reissue of
> Sgt Peppers is worth $100, which is insanely stupid.  If they want to
> sell records and do a decent job of it, then they need to get  
> educated.
> Nobody forced them into the business.  Besides, all those records were
> cheap as dirt at some point.
> Malcolm Rockwell wrote:
>> Great story, Roger!
>> What? Did he expect for you to tell him what was rare so he could
>> charge you "accordingly"?
>> I've been there, too. Hard to keep the eyebrows from raising with  
>> glee
>> when one spots inexpensive rare records among the overpriced dross,
>> though. Good thing most of these sellers can't read collectors!
>> Thanks!
>> Mal
>> *******
>> Roger and Allison Kulp wrote:
>>> Clearly someone who knows "Them old records are collect-eye- 
>>> bull",but
>>> has no clue beyond an obvious few artists,like Elvis,Beatles,and
>>> Stones,what are.The guy probably  wouldn't know a four-figure garage
>>> 45,mono violin Lp,or early R&B 45,if he tripped over it.I have been
>>> to a number of record stores run by people like this,in my
>>> time.People with common Elvis and Beatles that are insanely
>>> overpriced,and put ridiculously rare soul,and R&B records out for
>>> under $5.00 a pop.Eventually,though,they all fund out what they were
>>> doing,and got angry with me for buying the stuff,and threw me out of
>>> the store.
>>> Another reason why I largely stick to eBay.
>>>                                       Roger
>>> phillip holmes  wrote: Do you think he has
>>> Barbara Streisand and Pablo Cruise?  He guarantees "100% known
>>> artists".  That usually means I've already heard it a thousand times
>>> on the radio.  Oh, it's also a "virtual record shop", which means it
>>> doesn't have everything you'd want to find in a "real" record shop.
>>> Guess I'll pass.
>>> David Lennick wrote:
>>>> And he doesn't have The Five Sharps' "Stormy Weather".
>>>> If that collection is too rich, try this..which he'll ship for  
>>>> $100:
>>>> 200201499411 (the link itself is about a mile long)
>>>> dl
>>>> Roger and Allison Kulp wrote:
>>>>> We can all cite stuff we have that he doesn't.I doubt he has "How
>>>>> Many Times" by The Rogues on Lou-Sal,or The Underground  
>>>>> Railroad,on
>>>>> Discovery Club (I was spinning this last night.),many recods by
>>>>> Lord Kitchener (Whom no collection should be without.)or a lot of
>>>>> vanity pressing country 45s,from the 50s,and 60s.
>>>>>                             Roger
>>>>> "Steven C. Barr(x)"  wrote: ----- Original Message ----- From:
>>>>> "John Ross"
>>>>>> http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140206309501
>>>>>> Anybody know anything about this guy or the collection?
>>>>> 1) Nope!
>>>>> 2) He can only own "Every Record Ever Made" IF he has a copy of a
>>>>> Radiex demo 78 I own, made to announce the availabilty of  
>>>>> records on the label! Matrix numbers are NOT in any known GG
>>>>> sequences,
>>>>> and it would seem to be early by a few months...beyond that I know
>>>>> SFA!!
>>>>> 3) This reminds me of somebody's (forget whom?!) recorded comedy
>>>>> routine...
>>>>> "Every Record Ever Recorded! Lithuanian Language  
>>>>> Records!"...and so
>>>>> on...
>>>>> IIRC, back in the sixties or early seventies sometime...?
>>>>> 4) Lemme figger a bit here...?! 300,000 records would septuble my
>>>>> current
>>>>> half-vast archive of a mere 50 kilodiscs (+/-)...but, that  
>>>>> takes up
>>>>> two
>>>>> rooms of my 7-room abode...so I'd need twelve more rooms (and a  
>>>>> WHOLE
>>>>> BUNCH of empty milk boxes...?!)...
>>>>> Looks like I'll have to pass (and not merely because I'm short  
>>>>> about
>>>>> $2,999,998.43 of the opening bid...?!)
>>>>> Steven C. Barr
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