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Re: [ARSCLIST] Collection for sale

I don't buy from eBay unless it's shrink-wrapped usually. The "grading system" used by even very reputable sellers is not reliable. I like my vinyl very clear or it's not worth it to me. I'm not one of these "digital is the devil" people, I like CD's just fine. The only reason I usually buy vinyl is if it was never put out on CD (more common than you'd think) or if the CD remastering is awful (more common than you'd hope). And, because of high postage costs, eBay is usually not a good source for albums you want for the cover art. So I use it sparingly but I've found some great deals there.

Here's a typical ebay case. There was a classical record I want, not the most common thing but not the rarest by a long shot. It was never issued on CD. There was one rated "NM+" for both cover and vinyl on eBay from a guy with thousands of sales and a 100% rating.. So I put what I considered a reasonable bid and then got sniped at the end because it sold for 3x my bid. Then I was headed to the vicinity of one of my favorite vinyl shops so I called the guy and mentioned that record. He said, "oh I have one still shrink-wrapped here. Hasn't sold in years and you can have it for $10." He's the kind of guy that even if he knew the eBay value, he makes plenty of dough on the "special collection" cardboard boxes of overpriced MoFi reissues and the like (not that MoFi's are bad, just that they're overpriced on the used market) so he'd sell it for maybe 2x his cost to a loyal customer. I'm glad I bought it cheap because the pressing is not great even if the music is.

-- Tom Fine

----- Original Message ----- From: "Roger and Allison Kulp" <thorenstd124@xxxxxxxxx>
To: <ARSCLIST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday, February 22, 2008 11:59 PM
Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Collection for sale


There hasn't been a store like that in Albuquerque,for nearly ten years.Another reason I stick to eBay.I got five Lps in the mail today.They are:

Cliff Richard (A guilty pleasure)"Two A Penny" World Wide Pictures Radio Promo Lp of music and radio spots $8.50

And a rarer Capitol of Canada Lp from 1966.

The Beatles live in Melbourne,and Washington,DC 1975 Wizardo boot, $9.99

A 1971 Japanese Liberty "Best of" by the legendary Japanese psych band The Mops - $37.50

I have many rare original 60s psych/garage/surf Lps from South America,and Australia,that I bought 2-5 years ago on eBay,at about $9.99 each.

The Roman Totenberg mentioned in another post. $19.99

Among those I have coming:

Lord Invader "There's A Brown Boy In The Ring" Folkways 10" Lp $10.50

Lord Kitchner "Kitch 69" UK RCA International $9.99

Jerry Butler "Folk Songs" 1963 Vee Jay $9.99

Johnny Hallyday 1961 Canadian-only Philips "Viens Danser Le Twist" 10" Lp. $9.99

And some very choice 60s ska 45s,including a Marley,in this price range.

Some times I buy more classical,sometimes I buy more rock/R&B/Caribbean,it goes in cycles,of like 2-3 months,but I always do better than I would in a store in this day and age,and as I buy exclusively from Paypal funds I get from selling other records,it is not that much different from trading at a store.I rarely spend any outside money.


Tom Fine <tflists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: My favorite vinyl guys sell the reissue stuff a few bucks cheaper than the
online guys and have 90+% of what's in their store for a handful of dollars.
The "good stuff" is generally kept in a couple of cardboard boxes behind the
counter and you have to ask for it. They'll have a good turntable and
non-toxic/filthy headphones and you can take a listen and see if it's in the
shape it looks. Then, you'll pay what it's worth. And, the really good
places have huge dollar bins where once in a while you get super-lucky and
the rest of the time you drop a Washington to get a real-deal album sleeve
to look at while you listen to your CD.

-- Tom Fine

----- Original Message ----- From: "phillip holmes"
Sent: Friday, February 22, 2008 7:04 PM
Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Collection for sale

People like that get what they deserve.  They think some '80s reissue of
Sgt Peppers is worth $100, which is insanely stupid.  If they want to sell
records and do a decent job of it, then they need to get educated.  Nobody
forced them into the business.  Besides, all those records were cheap as
dirt at some point.

Malcolm Rockwell wrote:
Great story, Roger!
What? Did he expect for you to tell him what was rare so he could charge
you "accordingly"?
I've been there, too. Hard to keep the eyebrows from raising with glee
when one spots inexpensive rare records among the overpriced dross,
though. Good thing most of these sellers can't read collectors!


Roger and Allison Kulp wrote:
Clearly someone who knows "Them old records are collect-eye-bull",but
has no clue beyond an obvious few artists,like Elvis,Beatles,and
Stones,what are.The guy probably  wouldn't know a four-figure garage
45,mono violin Lp,or early R&B 45,if he tripped over it.I have been to a
number of record stores run by people like this,in my time.People with
common Elvis and Beatles that are insanely overpriced,and put
ridiculously rare soul,and R&B records out for under $5.00 a
pop.Eventually,though,they all fund out what they were doing,and got
angry with me for buying the stuff,and threw me out of the store.

Another reason why I largely stick to eBay.


phillip holmes  wrote: Do you think he has
Barbara Streisand and Pablo Cruise?  He guarantees "100% known artists".
That usually means I've already heard it a thousand times on the radio.
Oh, it's also a "virtual record shop", which means it doesn't have
everything you'd want to find in a "real" record shop.  Guess I'll pass.

David Lennick wrote:

And he doesn't have The Five Sharps' "Stormy Weather".

If that collection is too rich, try this..which he'll ship for $100:

200201499411 (the link itself is about a mile long)


Roger and Allison Kulp wrote:

We can all cite stuff we have that he doesn't.I doubt he has "How Many
Times" by The Rogues on Lou-Sal,or The Underground Railroad,on
Discovery Club (I was spinning this last night.),many recods by Lord
Kitchener (Whom no collection should be without.)or a lot of vanity
pressing country 45s,from the 50s,and 60s.


"Steven C. Barr(x)"  wrote: ----- Original Message ----- From: "John

Anybody know anything about this guy or the collection?

1) Nope!

2) He can only own "Every Record Ever Made" IF he has a copy of a
Radiex demo 78 I own, made to announce the availabilty of ELECTRICAL
records on the label! Matrix numbers are NOT in any known GG
and it would seem to be early by a few months...beyond that I know

3) This reminds me of somebody's (forget whom?!) recorded comedy
"Every Record Ever Recorded! Lithuanian Language Records!"...and so
IIRC, back in the sixties or early seventies sometime...?

4) Lemme figger a bit here...?! 300,000 records would septuble my
half-vast archive of a mere 50 kilodiscs (+/-)...but, that takes up
rooms of my 7-room abode...so I'd need twelve more rooms (and a WHOLE
BUNCH of empty milk boxes...?!)...

Looks like I'll have to pass (and not merely because I'm short about
$2,999,998.43 of the opening bid...?!)

Steven C. Barr

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