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[BKARTS] Thanks

Hi Listers!

Thanks all for the sewing frame plugs.

We have a new frame to offer as well as the large model. Both can be seen at
Standards in Denver but are availible now.

The new frame is smaller and Bob calls it the traveler, I call it the scout
,so you can see where we are. It was conceived as " the student model" being
more compact and having no welded joins, it is less expensive.   It is made of
the best materials availible. The small one would fit under your seat if
flying, but given the climate of travel these days, I would check it.   Anyway, it
is very cool and works like a dream.

 If you desire more information I can send a pdf file of it or the larger
Dreadnought version with prices.

Thanks from wheat country,

T.   Ely

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