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The Book Arts Press is pleased to announce the publication of two of its classic videotapes, remastered on a single DVD: the 1991 Anatomy of a Book: Part I: Format in the Hand-Press Period (30 minutes), and the 1969 Making of a Renaissance Book (22 minutes).

The Anatomy of a Book: Part I: Format in the Hand-Press Period
Originally issued in 1991, The Anatomy of a Book: Part I: Format in the Hand-Press Period was written by Terry Belanger and directed by Peter Herdrich. All rights are now owned by the Book Arts Press.
During the hand-press period, printers and publishers thought of their books in terms of the size and number of whole sheets of paper needed to produce them. An immediate concern in planning an edition was to establish its format, the way in which its sheets of paper would be folded into gatherings so that they could be sewn together and bound in an efficient and convenient manner. Authors, publishers, printers, and retail booksellers alike were conversant with the advantages and traditions associated with the various standard formats used during the hand-press period. A knowledge of and familiarity with these formats is thus an indispensable part of the scholarly equipment of students of book history ? bibliographers, historians, textual editors, research librarians, antiquarian booksellers, book collectors, and others.
The remastered DVD divides the original presentation into 15 chapters.

The Making of a Renaissance Book
Originally issued in 1969 as a black-and-white film, The Making of a Renaissance Book was shot on location at the Plantin-Moretus Museum in Antwerp, produced by Dana Atchley. and distributed by the American Friends of the Plantin-Moretus Museum. All rights are now owned by the Book Arts Press.
Cutting a type punch; making a copper strike and justifying the matrix; casting and dressing the type; composition, imposition, and proof-reading; inking and running off the sheets; stop-press corrections.

The pair is available on a single DVD for $60 plus postage. Also available are mailing tubes containing copies of the workbook intended to accompany The Anatomy of a Book: I: Format in the Hand-Press Period, together with a set of facsimile sheets of the various formats described in the presentation, for $25 each plus postage. DVD and tube available from the

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    Charlottesville, VA 22904-4103

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