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Re: [BKARTS] Type faces


the era you are referring to is an era of rationalism and that thinkin is
reflected in the type design of the ear. Mathematical preciseness, and a
departure from type with calligraphic qualities. Colllectively you can group
these typefaces under "transitional". It was becomming more acceptable to
create mauscripts that "looked printed" as opposed to trying to maintain a
connection to hand-copying.

So, Caslon is a good start, but you can't forget John Baskerville. He also,
was known as the first type designer who did not cut his own punches (John
Handy did all the cutting)

Another over-rational typeface was called Romaine du Roi by Phillippe
Grandjean - commissioned for Louis XIV. It is considered "mathematically

Also Firmin Didot (who also gave us the Didot system) wandered in between
transitional design and "modern" design - that is, flat serifs, no
bracketing, etc. But his work could be of use.

And if you want the tail end of your era - Giambattista Bodoni was already
working in the Modern style is 1788, although in Parma, Italy. The Italians
were definitely setting the trends in type design at that time.

ANyway, good luck!

Paul Platosh
Does anyone out there have a couple suggestions for a font choice that is
more representative of 17-18th century books. I am just getting into fonts
and have traditionally just used Times roman for its compactness. I am
trying palatino but would prefer something more period if there is a

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