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Hello. My name is ...

Hello. My name is Steve Fowler. I am a Musical Instrument 
Technician working in Annapolis, MD. I am a reed player, having 
played with the U.S. Naval Academy Band from 1970 to 1990. I 
was also the technician on board from 1975 on. 

Working with such a fine caliber of musicians has been very 
rewarding and educational, and I guess that's what I hope to do 
here... learn. I've found that one can learn a lot by just 
sitting back and listening to a bunch of musicians, be they 
amateur, professional, young or old, talk about things that 
really matter to them.

I've been invloved with repair since I was 12 years old, and 
have served on the Executive Board of the Nat'l Assoc of Band 
Inst Repair Techs as both Vice President and President, (having 
had to resign when business got tough...). I don't mind 
sharing my knowledge about repair and/or care, however some 
things are best left to the professionals. There are times when 
the best advice I can give is, "Take your horn to your repair 
shop. Don't try this at home!" 

I have taught repair to many students and apprentices and can 
tell you from experience that some of the old-timers that 
guarded their secrets to the grave may have been right to do 
so. (Four of my former apprentices are now my _worst_ 
nightmares as competitors in a small and shrinking market.) I 
do still believe in sharing knowledge, just don't come set up 
shop in Annapolis... ;->

Happy New Year.

Steve Fowler
Fowler Music Service
Annapolis, MD

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