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List policy

This message is being sent to all distribution lists hosted by
the Swedish Museum of Natural History. Those who are members of
more than one such list are asked please to forgive the duplication.  
Also, very recent subscribers will already have seen the material 
presented below in the latest versions of the introductory messages
sent to new members. 

The following policies now apply to all lists:

1.)  Only registered members of a distribution list may address
communications to it. This is necessary to protect both the host
system and the list members from the indiscriminately addressed
junk mailings which are becoming a sad fact of network life.
Moderated lists are not effected by this, as all communications
to such lists are subject to prior approval.

2.)  Although this has been policy from the outset, you may wish
to know that the names and e-mail addresses of list members are
treated confidentially. This policy is subject to revision on a
list-by-list basis if the majority of a list's members wish to
have this information made publicly available. The list
management facility is capable of enumerating a list's membership
on demand. This functionality is current disabled for all lists.
Please address all discussion about this to the full list and not
privately to the list owner.

3.)  Lists may not be used for anything even vaguely resembling
commercial advertising. You are welcome to describe goods and
services which you feel may be of interest to the other list
members, including information about sources of supply, but any
such communication must be devoid of price information and hype.
This includes "subliminal" messages in e-mail signatures. The
sole right to determine what is acceptable in this regard is
retained by the operator of the host system.

Finally, in response to list members' most common query:

Every message sent to a list may not be deliverable to all list
members. Depending on the configuration of an individual
recipient's e-mail system, such as limitations on mailbox size,
delivery will occasionally be refused and you may receive
notification of this. This does not indicate any problem with the 
distribution list, itself, or with its host system. However, an
address to which delivery repeatedly fails will be removed from
the list. Take care, therefore, to ensure that there are no local 
restrictions on your own ability to receive e-mail. If your mailbox
will be untended for a protracted period please remove your name
from the list.

Best New Year's Greetings to You All!

Cary Karp <ck@nrm.se>       Department of Information Technology
Phone: +46 8 666 4055       Swedish Museum of Natural History
Fax:   +46 8 15 22 77       Box 50007, 104 05 Stockholm, Sweden

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