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ATOS Historic Registration (fwd)

I am unsure if the following message was intended for me personally, but
assume that I received it in response to a previous MICAT-L posting about
the ATOS and am forwarding the new message to MICAT-L without the author's

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 94 12:18:00 UTC
From: a.miller2@genie.geis.com
To: hollandm@ccmail.orst.edu
Cc: ck@nrm.se, nielsene@ccmail.orst.edu
Subject: ATOS Historic Registration

Your request for information hit the right place.  I was chairman of the
committee which drew up the Guidelines for Restoration and Preservation, and
am currently chairman of the committee which is setting up the National
Registry for significant theatre organs.
We are presently completing the registration application form.  At this
time, no registrations have been awarded.  The first group will probably be
this summer.
Application requires complete historical information on the organ, as well
as documentation on each aspect and extent of the restoration.  Merely
moving an organ doesn't qualify for restoration status, but there will be
registry for keeping an instrument intact and in "original" condition.
Information requires photographs and may require verification of validity by
a technician versed in theatre organ restoration.
My snail-mail address for correspondence is:
Allen R. Miller, Chairman
 ATOS Restoration & Guidelines Committee
 167 Carriage Drive
 Glastonbury, CT 06033-3231
203-633-5710  FAX 203-633-7230
You may omit the committee information.
You may respond via email.

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