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Accordion - accordion and concertina mailing list (fwd)

The following announcement may be of interest to micat-l members.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 1995 16:42:27 CST
From: Phoebe.Sengers@GS80.SP.CS.CMU.EDU
To: Multiple recipients of list NEW-LIST <NEW-LIST@VM1.NoDak.EDU>
Subject: NEW,CHANGE: accordion - accordion and concertina mailing list

CHANGE: the address for subscription requests has changed from
accordion-request@marie.stat.uga.edu to accordion-request@cs.cmu.edu.
The address for the list has changed from accordion@marie.stat.uga.edu
to accordion@cs.cmu.edu.

accordion via accordion-request@cs.cmu.edu

   The accordion list is an unmoderated discussion list of accordions
   and other free-reed instruments (excluding harmonicas), including
   concertinas and melodeons.  Most members play, repair, or build free
   reed instruments.  List topics include discussion of specific brand
   names and players, contact points for accordion and concertina
   supplies, repair suggestions, discussion of various bass systems, and
   comparison of different free reed types.

   To subscribe to accordion, send an English subscription request to

   Owner: Phoebe Sengers <accordion-request@cs.cmu.edu>

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