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MATERIALS-L - Materials Science Distribution List

The following announcement of a new distribution list may be of 
interest to MICAT-L members:

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>From           Chris Wooff <C.Wooff@liverpool.ac.uk>
Subject        NEW: MATERIALS-L - Materials Science

materials-l on listproc@liverpool.ac.uk

   The list materials-l is a world-wide discussion forum for those
   involved in both teaching and research in materials science and
   engineering.  Interested participants might be in Materials
   Departments in Universities, or other Engineering or Science
   departments, or in industry or government research laboratories.

   To subscribe to materials-l, send the following command in the BODY
   of the email to listproc@liverpool.ac.uk on the Internet:

      SUBSCRIBE MATERIALS-L yourfirstname yourlastname

   For example: SUBSCRIBE MATERIALS-L Joe Bloggs

   Owner: materials-l-request@liverpool.ac.uk

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