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New CIMCIM publication now available

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Copies of Historic Musical Instruments.
CIMCIM Publications No. 3 [1994]

Papers read at the CIMCIM meeting, Antwerp, July 1993,
bringing together members' experiences with copies of
museum instruments and exploring the philosophical and
technical problems of copying.


Introduction: Jeannine Lambrechts-Douillez, Antwerp.

Reflections on the `Authenticity' of Musical Instruments:
 Martin Elste, Berlin.

The `Exact Copy' as a Legitimate Goal:
 John Koster, Vermillion.

Measure for Measurement:
 Eszter Fontana, Budapest.

Radiographing Musical Instruments: a Useful Method in
Organological Research:
 Mia Awouters, Brussels.

The Provision of Plans:
 Jeremy Montagu, Oxford.

Materials from Endangered Species in Musical Instruments:
 Laurence Libin, New York.

The Clavicytherium (c 1480) and its `copy' in the Royal
College of Music Museum, London:
 Elizabeth Wells, London.

Building Biblical Instruments:
 Nina Benzoor, Haifa, Israel.

Details about obtaining the printed version of this document are 
available from:

Arnold Myers <ezhm01@castle.ed.ac.uk>
Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments,
Reid Concert Hall, Bristo Square, EDINBURGH EH8 9AG, Scotland.

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