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Miraphone Tuba

I am in need of a little help. A customer of mine has an older Miraphone 
tuba  (clocksprings, etc.) The tuba is in great shape except for one 
outside tuning slide tube that is cracked at the solder joint. It 
cracked where the tubing is turned down for decoration. Anyway, the 
tubing is evidently not available from normal sources, (Allied, Orpheus)

I would appreciate it if someone could lead me in the right direction.

Needed: Outside Nickle Slide Tube approximately 6"
.836" inside diameter (the inside tubing is.832") 

Thanks in advance.

Steve Fowler (sfowler@ix.netcom.com)
Fowler Music Service    * Band Instrument Custom Repairs *
1994 Moreland Pkwy #8     --Plating in Silver and Gold--
Annapolis, MD 21401     (410) 267-5991

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