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CIDOC-L address change

MICAT-L is currently being moved from its present host system to a
newly installed LISTSERV in the same domain. The transition should be
completed by the end of March and you will receive subscription
notification when your name has been activated on the new list.
If you currently subscribe to other lists maintained in the nrm.se
domain you will receive similar messages about each of them.

The address for sending commands to the automated list server will
change from mailserv@nrm.se to:


Mail sent to mailserv@nrm.se will *not* be forwarded automatically
to listserv@nrm.se so please be careful about distinguishing
between the two.

The command syntax used for MICAT-L will change on the new platform
and, contrary to what thus far has been the case, will be identical
to that used on other LISTSERV installations.

Cary Karp <ck@nrm.se>

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