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Sleeping Beauty

Hi Folks!
This is the time of year when no living creatures ought to be
hibernating. Is there any chance of our prodding MICAT-L out of
its protracted snooze?
As the list owner I'm supposed to be as active as is necessary to
keep the pot boiling. Unfortunately, much of my energy gets spent
simply keeping a fire going in the stove and I haven't been able
to muster the additional energy necessary to use it for any
cooking, much less to be a loquacious denizen of the kitchen table.
If nothing else, how's about a round of discussion on the
potential utility of the list and means for generating some real
activity (assuming any such need is actually perceived)?  There is
one piece of news about the way things are being operated that may
make the use of the list noticeably easier.
MICAT-L is now being run on a LISTSERV host instead of its
previous platform. (LISTSERV is the definitive e-mail distribution
list management system and I'm quite pleased to be able to offer
you its services.)  The basic commands provided by the previous
mail server and LISTSERV don't differ in any way that is likely to
cause you difficulty and you should all have received instructions
about issuing LISTSERV commands. There is, however, one significant
improvement to which I'd like to call your attention:
Although MICAT-L remains a moderated list, it is no longer
necessary to use a special address to contact the moderators. All
communications may simply be addressed to:
The LISTSERV will forward everything addressed in this manner
automatically to the moderators who will then either post the
material directly to the full list or will contact the contributor
about anything that is necessary before doing so.
Cary Karp <ck@nrm.se>       Department of Information Technology
Phone: +46 8 666 4055       Swedish Museum of Natural History
Fax:   +46 8 666 4235       Box 50007, 104 05 Stockholm, Sweden

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