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Re: Just getting started

>I may have an opportunity to work with a repairman
>this summer for a very limited amount of time.  Are there any books that I
>should get?  How much and where do I get a basic set of tools.
These are Questions you should also direct at your employer when given the
opportunity.  In general apprentices are expected to build a personal tool
collection in parallel with the knowledge of care and handle of tools that
they develop on the job.
There are many tales of a severe master confiscating tools from an
apprentice who wasnt ready for them, but such an attitude would be rare
A good knife, stones for sharpening it, a good set of jewlers screwdrivers,
and simple hand tools wouldnt hurt, as well as a medium size toolbox with
padlock to carry them around in.
You will probably be using the shops tools initially, and that more than
anything else will direct your purchases, as well as show you what brands
to consider (or not).  It wouldnt hurt to locate a jewlers supply house
somewhere hear you (most major cities have one or more, look in the yellow
pages), they are an excellent source of tweezers, pliers, files, drills etc
used by the craftsmen of many trades and hobbys these days.
You might go to your schools music library and read up on the history and
design of the instruments you expect to be working with.  Articles in
Groves New Dictionary of music and Musicians will give you both data to
absorb and bibiliographys to persue.  The Galpin Society Journal and other
organological trade journals are also of interest.  Dont be afraid of
journals with foreign language titles BTW, many articles are in fact in
Good luck.
Dana S. Emery, Computer Specialist
Smithsonian Institution
Laboratory of Molecular Systematics
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