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Re: Saxophone maintenance

Quoting Tjip Zigterman <tjip@xs4all.nl>:
> Does anyone of you play the baritone saxophone and if so can you tell me
> how to really maintain it best without having to either take it to a shop
> all the time or without taking it apart myself?
First of all, what kind of maintenance are your referring to?  There is a
good deal that falls under this category that I would not think most
players would be equipped for or WANT to deal with, for that matter.
With a swab, a needle oiler and light mineral oil, mild soap and water,
and a soft cleaning cloth you can do most of the maintenance that is
normally required on a regular basis.  Replacing pads, adjusting keys,
replacing corks, fixing leaks, repairing dents, and the rest require some
experience, often special tools, and a developed "feel".  These are probably
best done by a qualified repair person.
Of course, in a pinch you might need to attempt an emergency pad
replacement, but even that is not the "simple" task it may seem.  Pads
need to be fitted, leveled, and seated properly or they will not function
well.  If you've ever tried to blow a leaky horn, you've experienced the
kind of frustration you can also get from a poorly installed pad.
If you'd like to pursue this discussion further, it would be best for you
to list the kinds of maintenance tasks you'd like to know how to do.
Then perhaps you could be directed to someone who could show you how
they're done.
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  Fine & Performing Arts Div., Rancho Santiago College, 1530 W 17th Street,
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