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Re: Moderation

I am in basic agreement with the note below.  Unless we can read for
ourselves how can we be certain there is no unwarranted censorship going on.
 So long as 'proper' museum practice remains subjective, isn't it best to
argue all angles concerning those difficult concepts:
conservation, restoration and preservation.  The issues are not resolved at
this point and 'standardized' practice does not yet exist.  Readers are
intelligent enough to conclude for themselves where the weight of argument
falls in an open discussion of issues.  My vote falls for a free exchange of
ideas and comments.  Let us learn from the discusson.  Should trivial
questions become intrusive, one can always fall back on that useful,
long-standing internet tradition of 'Flaming'.  Paul White
<Early messages from the moderators indicated that messages
suggesting "harmful" methods of instrument maintenance would be censored by
the list moderator and would not be posted to this list.  I believe that ALL
messages should be posted to this list and discussed.  Let the list
membership decide what is harmful.  Isn't that the purpose of the list?
If the moderators have OPINIONS (which is all they are regardless of how much
experience they have), they should contribute to the discussion.>

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