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One man's opinion

I have been reading with great interest the recent dialog concerning
whether this list should be moderated or not. First of all, its great
to see some activity. I have been on this list for a few months and
thought my system was "unwired".
I learned of this list via the Historic Brass Society. I am a
private collector of turn-of-the-century brasswinds and thought I
might learn a bit about restoration & conservation, and meet some
kindred spirits. I am definitely not in the business of restoring my
instruments to museum standards, and in most cases do little more
than cleaning myself. If I need professional help, I know where to
find it (for my horns, that is!) So, I'm just looking to learn and
enjoy the dialog.
But in my opinion, the burden is then on ME to sort bad information
from good. Not all books in a library or bookstore are accurate or
even current. Its the responsibility of the reader to choose and
edit. I obviously favor an unmoderated approach FOR MY NEEDS, but if
I am in the minority and this list is primarily for museum curators,
the I'm on the wrong list. Its that simple.
This is either a narrow bandwith for serious professionals (and thus
moderated) or its a broad-based gathering place for anyone interested
in finding, preserving and enjoying the artifacts of our rich musical
heritage (and thus open and accepted for what it is).
William Hull Faust
Columbus, Ohio

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