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Re: One man's opinion

Quoting Bill Faust:
>This is either a narrow bandwith for serious professionals (and thus
>moderated) or its a broad-based gathering place for anyone interested
>in finding, preserving and enjoying the artifacts of our rich musical
>heritage (and thus open and accepted for what it is).
I have real trouble seeing how there is anything mutually exclusive
about this. I've spent something in excess of the past quarter
century seriously and professionally involved in museum activities
and have, throughout, felt myself keenly to possess all the interests
listed here.
There are many museum people on this list who thus far have
abstained from in any way registering their opinions. Now might be a
good time to break that silence. If it should turn out that the only
active contributors resent the museum constraints to which they feel
themselves imposed, and the museum people regard the list with
indifference, then maybe the entire venture serves no genuinely
useful purpose. I'd sure hate to forced to the realization that
might be the case.

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