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To Moderate or not...

I am new to the list.  Please allow me to give you a brief
introduction and opinion on the subject of moderation of the
I hold a Master of Arts degree in classical guitar performance and
play several other instruments to include a 36-note glass harp of my
own manufacture--with the help of thrift store glassware.  Most of the
sustenance of my family comes as a result of my spending 40 hours a
week as a library assistant.  I am good at making things.  I love
museums, but have never "cured" one of anything.  That is the lay
background I bring to this list.
Having reached the approximate middle of my years, I have
come to know that I know very little about the world.  Also, as an
educator (music, yoga and meditation) I know that every question
deserves an answer.  Further, I know that valuable information
sometimes comes from unexpected sources.
I trust the moderators to know which information may be screened out
and when a method, although unorthodox, may hold promise for people
willing to experiment, and which information is heretofore known to
be wrong or dangerous.
And now I hope that this question will not annoy the more erudite
among you because I am sincerely interested:  is there anyone on our
list who might know where I could find out about the wind harp, plans
for building various kinds, where important makers are, etc.?
I am also interested in the instruments of Harry Partch.

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