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Dulcimers in Public Collections

I'm currently working on a checklist of dulcimers and related instruments
in public collections throughout the world. The idea is to further
knowledge about the different types of dulcimers in use in times past and
now. I started this project in 1988 when travelling in USA, Britain and
Europe and continued it in Germany and the Czech republic in 1993. I am a
dulcimer maker, teacher and player, in case you are wondering.
For a definition, I'm using the Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments
in the entry under dulcimer, so it includes hackbretts, santurs,
salterios, cimbals, cimbaloms etc. It does not encompass all box zithers
though and the mountain dulcimer of the USA is not included. This comes
from a different family I think, with its fretboard etc.
Without wanting ever to compare the outcomes, Boalch's work on the
harpsichord and clavichord was an inspiration for the idea.
So if you have instruments which you think qualify in your collection or
in other collections, please let me know. If you are willing to
contribute I could send you a datasheet to fill in, as consistent input
would be valuable. Of course all contributions will be properly acknowledged.
I'd be grateful for more consideration than the Delete key on this, as
you may imagine!
I will be in Europe again later this year, specifically to perform in
England, Germany and Slovakia.
 Thanks in advance
Gillian Alcock
Making Dulcimers in Australia

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