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Replacement Ivory

I have for some years used an excellent substitute called "Vigopas" .
It is available in rod form in a range of sizes.  It has the look of
real ivory but doesn't age (at least in the 10 years I have been using
I bought my supply from an English company:-
Poole & Davidson
27 Magnolia drive
HP15 6RF
Tel: 01494 443932
They imported it from the manufacturer
Raschig GMBH
Mundenheimer StraBe
Telex: 04-64887 ralud
Tel:   0621 56181
I Paid just under 8gbp/Kilo
I don't use new real ivory in any form regardles of its source but I
have no qualms about recycling old, used, ivory for repair work where
imitation would offend the eye.

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