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Administrative matters

I am very pleased to see that micat-l finally seems to be gathering some
momentum. Being very reluctant to do anything that might inhibit this
development I've been forwarding all incoming messages to the list even
though I felt a few of them to be pretty far off topic.
There are now messages in the queue which simply do not lie within the scope
of this list. Rather than replying directly to the contributors (to whom I
apologize for this discourtesy) it might be more useful for me to review the
contours of the list in full view of its membership.
So -- the ethical issues involved in the use of ivory are certainly relevant
to musical instrument conservation. Stretching this a bit, the border
restrictions relating to the transport of instruments containing this
material may also be relevant to that discipline. I am, however, now closing
the discussion on how to track down sources of camel bone as simply being
too periferal.
In general, "how do I find a source of" discussions are appropriate if they
concern materials used in musical instrument conservation, may be relevant
if addressing materials used in the manufacture of musical instruments as
long as there is some clear connection to conservation practice, and are
outside the scope of this list if they pertain to off-the-shelf fittings and
Very obviously there is a contextual aspect to this. We may all be able to
remain happy just as long as all contributors can manage to phrase their
submissions in manner which indicates at least some relevance to the nominal
topic of this list. "I got a set of carving knives for my birthday and want
to try to make a musical instrument. Where can I find plans for a nose
flute?" won't go through. "I have just been charged with the maintenance of
a collection of rhinophones and am interested in their historical
development. Can anyone provide references to relevant graphic
documentation?" will.

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