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Re: Administrative matters

In general, I agree. One slight quibble. What is one person's off the shelf
item is another person's exotic. Err on the side of inclusion.  One of the
most difficult things I've found is finding suppliers. I only recently found
out about Forrest music which has a lot of materials I've been looking for.
Professionals learn these things from each other, at conferences or in
private conversations (I'm a professional programmer and I know how many
crucial bits of coding lore I've learned over pizza and beer).
Amateurs are out of the loop. One of the goals of this list is
disseminating good practices of instrument creation/ repair/ conservation.
A major part of that is appropriate materials, so we don't have to wrap
instrument joints with hemp thread greased with suet. (traditional in
Macedonia but not acceptable on a French flute :-)

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