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Thank you for re-stating the purpose of the MICAT list. As a player,
builder and repairer of musical instruments, I am quite interested in
techniques and issues regarding conservation of said instruments. And
perhaps there are discussions that are not relevant to my needs - I am
capable of filtering those at my level.
I agree that the MICAT list should be focused and the readers should
take what they need. Because my interests are broader than this list, I
would appreciate guidance to other lists that cover instrument
mechanics (construction and repair, history and collecting). I will
stay on the MICAT list, though.
My interest lies primarily in things with strings that are not pianos.
Yes, the dreaded guitar and plucked instrument families. There are
probably others listening (looking?) on the MICAT list that don't want
to offend by posting non-relavent material. We could use some pointers
to other lists. Personnaly, I prefer e-mail to usenet groups - and if
you send a suggestion (mail to me directly if you want) please spell it
all out so I can't mess it up. Thanks very much.
Robert Hull
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reporting about network resources which might be of interest to the

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