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Old wooden flute

Hope this is the right list to get help from.. it was recommended to me..
I have an old wooden flute I have owned for 20 years.
I have been trying to find out about its maker and history and possible
worth for at least 15 years.. with no luck..
So it was sugguested I try this group for help.. here is what I have.
The flute is a dark wood with silver (closed hole) keys.
It has a stamp on the head joint and main body that says:
Penzel & Muler, NY, New York
It is very old, and I seem to remember being told it was made around
1910 or so...
does anyone know about the company or flute?
on a seperate note...
I need to have the flute re-padded and the silver cleaned up.
It would cost lots of money to have a shop do this..
can I do it myself? if there any good books on it? where can I buy
also I need a case for it.. any ideas on where to buy one at a good price..

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