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Hubbard Harpsichords new on list

[Moderator's note (CK): This message is being posted after a substantial
delay due to my having been at a conference in Norway.]

Hubbard Harpsichords, Inc. of  Sudbury, MA (USA) joins your list in the hope
that we can be useful as a resource for information concerning early keyboard
instruments, their history and their restoration. We have many years of
restoration experience.

Our knowledge base stems from the original work of Frank Hubbard (1920-1976).
As many of you may know, Hubbard was a pioneer figure in the revivial of
early keyboard music in the 20th century. Through years of research compiling
measurements of available antiques and examining inventories of the old
masters as recorded in local archives throughout Europe, Hubbard recovered
the ancient craft of harpsichord building.  In the course of the research,
many instruments were restored, plans were drawn and materials studied and
documented. This information is still with us, for the most part. We also
have books, materials and supplies to aid in restoration.

We appreciate the opportunity to be associated with your group and promise
that this is not an advertising venture.

My name is Bernard J. "Bud" Fine and I function as Hubbard's e-mail
correspondent. Anyone interested in knowing more about Hubbard should contact
me "off the list" at the address below.

Greetings and thanks for the opportunity to join you.


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