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Organ pipe-metal analysis & Snetzler

I have recently been reading _The Life and Work of John Snetzler_ by John
Barnes & Martin Renshaw (Scolar Press 1994) in which there is an extensive
discussion of Snetzler's construction techniques.  In the section on
pipework and pipe metal, reference is made to electron microprobe analysis
of metal pipes.

I would like to know more about this technique - e.g.
1. what is the theoretical basis
2. how is it executed in practice
3. is it non-destructive (for chemical/atomic absorption methods small
samples must be provided which are taken from the original object)

If the answers are too long, a reference to technical literature would be

Incidentally, the book is one of the most complete discussions of any
instrument-builder's work I have ever seen, and attempts to cover every
aspect of this builder's work, including frequent references to contemporary
musical matters.  There is an extensive catalogue of instruments, and about
a quarter of the book is devoted to technical aspects, including keyboards,
action, winding, not to mention details of scaling and pipe construction.
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