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Little Trompet (or cornet) Quichard brevete A.PARIS


I'm new on the list (2 months) and found some question to ask you..
I have in my posession a accajou box (30cm*17cm*22cm).
Inside the box there is an (very) old trompet (26cmL 16cmH)(it has
more the form of a cornet  but i'm not sure..)
The piston is long and small (13cm  15mm)
and :2 mouthpieces + different pieces :FA,MI,LAb,LAb,MIb

The upper part of the piston is in paarlemoer and is damaged (where
the fingers pull the piston down) Two of them are missing

Can somebody help to know more about it and if the restoration is

Value ???

Thank you

Camille De Clercq <Camille.declercq@rug.ac.be>

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