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Below you will find the formal announcement of the distribution list which
is intended to replace MICAT-L as a forum for the discussion of subjects
of general concern to the musical instrument museum community.

With the appearance of CIMCIM-L, discussion of all matters relating to
musical instruments on MICAT-L is now closed except for responses to
pending questions.

During the remaining week that MICAT-L will be in operation I will try to
persuade Walter Henry to provide detailed information about the
Conservation Distribution List. Information about the creation of
additional lists which may be of interest to MICAT-L members will be
posted on CIMCIM-L and the Conservation Distribution List.

If anyone is interested in a wrap-up discussion of MICAT-L's activities,
the list is at your disposal for the coming week.

Please note that there will be no automatic transferral of membership from
MICAT-L to CIMCIM-L. You must subscribe to the new list if you wish to
join it.

The MICAT-L membership roster will not be retained when the list is shut
down. Relevant contributions from the MICAT-L archives will be digested
and made available through the CIMCIM-L facilities.

Now -- as to CIMCIM-L:

               *               *               *

CIMCIM-L on listserv@nrm.se

   CIMCIM is the International Musical Instrument Committee of
   the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and serves as a
   focus for the interests of musical instrument museums and
   collections. It has about 200 members worldwide in nearly
   40 countries.

   CIMCIM-L is intended to serve as an electronic forum for the
   discussion of all issues related to the fields of musical
   instrument curation, conservation, collections management,
   research and documentation both for members of CIMCIM and all
   others who are seriously involved in the organization's sphere
   of activities.

   List members are encouraged to participate by posting
   information and queries on subjects relevant to the concerns
   of the musical instrument museum community. Material will also
   be posted by the CIMCIM Board and the organization's working

   If you wish to join CIMCIM-L please send a message to,


   containing the following command on the first line of the body
   of the message,

        SUB CIMCIM-L Yourfirstname Yourlastname

   Contributions sent to CIMCIM-L are subject to the approval of
   a moderator authorized by the CIMCIM Board. Material outside
   the scope described above will not be posted.

   Host services for CIMCIM-L are provided by the Swedish Museum
   of Natural History. The list owner may be contacted at:


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