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[PADG:900] Master Microfilm Storage

Good morning,

I have looked in the Cons DistList and PADG archives and really did not see
anything current on this topic, so I would appreciate any up to date
information this group could offer.

The University of Florida will soon be reissuing two separate RFP's for
first and second generation Master Negative Microfilm Storage.  Other than
National Underground Storage and Preservation Resources, what companies
and/or organizations would you trust to house your 35mm master microfilm
negatives?  If anyone has contact information for storage facilities that
meet agreed upon national preservation standards for Master Microfilm
Negative Storage, can you please forward it on directly to me at
Cathy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:Cathy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  ?  If there is
sufficient interest, I will post my findings to the list.



Cathleen L. Mook
Head, Preservation Department
P.O.Box 117007
University of Florida
Gainesville, Fl 32611
Voice 352-392-6962
Fax 352-392-6597

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