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[PADG:919] Presrevation Information : Request for Information

The PARS Intellectual Access Committee is reviewing preservation practices
with regard to recording or tracking preservation information.

In particular, we are requesting copies of or URLs to your policies and
procedures for cataloging preservation products, treatments and conditions.
While this effort concentrates on the use of USMARC, additional information
? even questions and complaints about USMARC ? will also be kindly received.

Anticipated review products should include guides for catalogers and
preservation professionals to the use of USMARC in Preservation.

Respond to me at the contact information below.  Your information, comments,
and questions will be forwarded to Committee members.


Erich Kesse
Director, Digital Library Center
P.O. Box 117007 -- George A. Smathers Libraries -- University of Florida
Gainesville, FL   32611-7007
Tel: 352.846.0129      E-Mail: kesse@xxxxxxx

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