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[PADG:923] Re: Preservation budgeting

You may want to take a look at the SOLINET Preservation 
Services leaflet on Preservation Budget Planning;


Robert James
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Walter Clinton Jackson Library
UNC Greensboro
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Greensboro, NC 27402-6175

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On Fri, 25 Feb 2000 09:02:38 -0800 Normandy Helmer 
<nhelmer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The library has been asked to put together a five-year needs assessment,
> which will help campus determine its fund-raising priorities for the next
> capital campaign. We are a mid-sized research library serving a state
> university. Obviously, I would like to see preservation funding vastly
> increased but I need to retain a semblance of rationality.
> I can project desired funding levels for those activities which we manage
> now. I can project costs for additional positions. I can make up numbers for
> activities which we don't yet address.
> But all this is constrained by our current response-driven activities, and
> probably doesn't take into account all the possibilities as well as the
> actual costs (including those now hidden by obsessive employees) of an
> adequate pro-active collections care program. I'm familiar with ARL
> benchmarks but things have changed a bit since those were issued.
> Where does your money go? If you had more money and complete control, where
> would you send your resources? Can anyone share appropriate allocations for
> deacidification, reformatting, commercial binding, in-house binding, book
> repair, conservation, non-book treatment, project funds, housekeeping,
> training, outreach, etc? Has anyone developed a pro-active budget model,
> perhaps tied to the size/age/condition of the collection or the annual
> acquisition expenditure?
> I would appreciate it if you could think about what money you have, how you
> use it, and what your budget would look like in a better world.
> Thanks!
> Normandy Helmer
> Head, Preservation & Binding Dept./
> Oregon Newspaper Project
> University of Oregon Library
> nhelmer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> libweb.uoregon.edu/preservn/

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