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[PADG:1098] DATE CORRECTION:bind/info meeting

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At the last annual meeting of ALA there were extensive discussions in the PARS committees about the long overdue need for information system vendors to develop a binding module to interact with commercial library binders' software.  Brain Baird (chair, Book and Paper: Methods, Materials , Standards Committee) volunteered to draft a letter to systems vendors to express librarian's dissatisfaction.  (See end of message or enclosure for the letter.)

The chairs of the ALCTS/PARS Library Binding Discussion Group and the Binding Automation Discussion Group have decided to hold a joint meeting to discuss Brian's letter and identify supporting strategies.  The meeting will be held on SUNDAY, January 14 from 2-4 pm, in the Ballroom of the Hotel Washington.  Please join us for this very important discussion.

Barb Sagraves, chair, Library Binding Discussion Group
David E. Walls, chair, Binding Automation Discussion Group

Letter follows

Text for a letter from ALA (PARS?)
To ILS Vendors about Their
Binding Modules

November 27, 2000

To all Integrated Library System Vendors:

At the 2000 Annual Meeting of the American Library Association, the Preservation and Reformatting Section discussed, at length, the need for 
integrated library system (ILS) vendors to produce binding modules that will interact with the binding software packages used by library binders.

ILS vendors have been promising binding modules for several years, and, in many cases, are contractually obligated to supply such software.  However, to date, no adequate software has been produced.  

The preservation community fully recognizes that ILS vendors are under extreme pressure from libraries to continually improve and refine their products.  We recognize that libraries themselves often do not place a high priority on producing a binding module.  However, we feel it is important to move forward on developing an ILS binding software solution for the following reasons:

- The Preservation community and library binding industry has worked together to develop ANSI/NISO Z39.76-1996 Data Elements for Binding Library Materials.  A standard defining what data elements are needed for an interface between bindery software and integrated library systems.
-Binders and librarians have worked to develop a subset of these data elements that could easily be implemented into an ILS to provide libraries with a simple but effective link to already existing binding programs used by binders and libraries.  
- Library binders are willing to partner with ILS vendors to develop an automated binding preparation solution for libraries.  Partnering would include binders providing staff expertise and funds for programming.
- Preservation and binding librarians are willing to provide expertise and support for this development.
- It would require a relatively short amount of time and resources to complete this project. 

The preservation community recognizes that ILS vendors are under extreme pressures to develop their systems as quickly and completely as possible, and that libraries are demanding development in many areas.  However, we feel the proposed partnership between ILS vendors, library binders, and preservation specialists presents a unique opportunity for success that should not be ignored.  The preservation community and library binders strongly feel that an interface between existing ILS and bindery software is the simplest and best solution to satisfy the requirements of libraries.  While virtually all North American libraries use either ABLE or LARS as their bindery preparation software, only a single interface that complies with the ANSI/NISO Z39.76-1996 (data elements subset), would be necessary for ALL libraries respective of binders.  

The Library Binding Institute is prepared to move forward on this endeavor, by sponsoring a committee of ILS vendors, binders, and librarians to work on this project.  If you are interested in working on this project, please contact the Library Binding Institute at:

Library Binding Institute
Attn: Don Dunham
70 East Lake Street, Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60601-5907
Phone: 312-704-5020
Fax: 312-704-5025
URL: http://www.lbibinders.org 

NOTE:	The last paragraph was not discussed at our ALA meeting, but I think it makes sense to have LBI take care of coordinating this because otherwise we have to get into ALA bureaucracy including having them raise the money.  Having LBI host it will be easier--assuming the agree to do so.  -- Brian Baird

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