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[PADG:663] ARLIS conference


A colleague asked me to forward this information along. ARLIS is looking for a speaker to participate in the annual conference. If you are interested, please see message below. Thanks! Jean Ann

Jean Ann Croft
Preservation Librarian
University of Pittsburgh
Forwarded on behalf of Jane Devine Mejia. Please send comments, inquiries, etc. to her. –ARLIS-L Moderator

Dear colleagues:

I am putting together a panel on current approaches to preservation of art and architecture collections for next year's Banff conference. The working description is as follows:

Planning for posterity: the preservation of art and architecture materials

This panel will focus on a critical issue for all art and architecture librarians: how to best preserve our collections. This topic has not been explored at an ARLIS/NA annual conference in at least the past seven years; yet it is a pressing concern for all members, whether in museums, art schools or academic libraries. Art and architecture collections present particular preservation challenges because of their range of physical formats and dimensions (print, microform, digital and multimedia, rare materials, unique artists' books, photographs, drawings, vertical files, etc.) and their chronological breadth, from early printed books to recent publications. Tne three speakers will explore such themes as:

(1) conducting preservation assessments and surveys of art/architecture collections,
(2) where and how to seek expertise in-house or through consultants and outsourcing,
(3) the services and resources offered by the Canadian Conservation Institute and
(4) best practices for planning and managing preservation, based on a library case study.

I already have speakers from the Canadian Conservation Institute and another preservation agency, but am now seeking a third speaker to address point no. 4.

This would be a librarian who has recently implemented a preservation program in their institution and is interested in giving a 20-minute presentation describing your collection, what you did, what types of resources you used (external consultants, grant funding, in-house expertise, etc.) and what can be learned from your experience. If you have renovated your facility or built a new building incorporating current preservation technology, that would also be of interest.

Please contact me off the list by September 26 if you are interested in joining the panel.

Many thanks,
Jane Devine Mejia

Panel Moderator &
Vice-Chair, ARLIS/Northwest Chapter

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