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  • [PADG:679] Mold Damage to Gulf Coast collections, Frost, Gary
  • [PADG:678] Seats Still Available for Care of Photographic Materials, Riley, Alicia
  • [PADG:677] DVD security, Grant, Tyra
  • [PADG:676] position at Georgetown University, Yvonne Carignan
  • [PADG:675] NEDCC Study Reveals Need for Planning to Sustain Digital Collections, Julie Carlson
  • [PADG:674] Hurricane Katrina Report, Wiseman, Christine
  • [PADG:672] Position at Northwestern University, Donia Conn
  • [PADG:673] Professional Librarian Vacancy: Head, Preservation Department, Northwestern Univ., Ann Duncan-Gibbs
  • [PADG:671] Informal survey results on digitizing brittle materials, jeanann croft
  • [PADG:670] Sally Key to join Etherington Conservation Services, Michael Lee
  • [PADG:669] Re: Position available at MIT Libraries, Rhonda Donaldson
  • [PADG:666] Julie Arnott, Liz Dube
  • [PADG:665] Position available at MIT Libraries, Jennifer S. Banks
  • [PADG:664] 2006 Banks/Harris Award, Patricia P. Selinger
  • [PADG:663] ARLIS conference, jeanann croft
  • [PADG:662] conservation technician position at Maryland, Yvonne Carignan
  • [PADG:661] Fw: Terry Belanger (Rare Book School, UVA) Named MacArthur Fellow!, Robin . Dale
  • [PADG:660] Webstreaming of Refresh! - Conf. on Media Art, Science and Technology, Wendy Coones
  • [PADG:659] Audiovisual Media Workshop, Rawnsley, Jill
  • [PADG:658] job posting: conservation librarian at nyu, Kate E. Contakos
  • [PADG:657] Register Now for NEDCC's Fall Preservation Workshops, Julie Carlson
  • [PADG:656] CEUs for NEDCC's Persistence of Memory Conference Participants, Julie Carlson
  • [PADG:655] poster sessions for PADG in San Antonio, Cathleen Mook
  • [PADG:653] freezer-dryer &c., Fox, Lisa
  • [PADG:652] Retrospective Thesis and Dissertation Projects (w/ ProQuest), Tom Teper
  • [PADG:651] Re: outside work for conservator to be done gratis, Drewes, Jeanne
  • [PADG:650] Food and Drink Signage, Carol Lenocker
  • [PADG:649] Brittle Books and Digitization, jeanann croft
  • [PADG:648] Internship at Iowa State University, Hilary Seo
  • [PADG:647] Project Position Available at Columbia, gertz
  • [PADG:646] A/V Surveyor Position available at Columbia, gertz
  • [PADG:645] Summary -- ILLiad stickers, Shannon Zachary
  • [PADG:644] Preservation Librarian at Illinois State University, Beth Schobernd
  • [PADG:643] Esther J. Piercy Award, Karen E Brown
  • [PADG:642] RE: Disaster Recovery Efforts, Fox, Lisa
  • [PADG:641] Disaster Recovery Efforts, Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa

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