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RE: [padg] seeking brittle books

I can send you one of each as well as one which exhibits both conditions.  Actually the last one is more a matter of broken threads rather than the stair-step condition.  You may have any of these or all of them.
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From: Heiduschke, Victoria [mailto:victoria.heiduschke@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, January 02, 2008 4:05 PM
To: padg@xxxxxxx
Subject: [padg] seeking brittle books



Believe it or not, I’m in need of a few brittle books.  I’m looking for one book with extremely brittle paper.  I’m also looking for one book that has brittle paper and has been oversewn, and now the pages are cracking from the binding in a kind of stair-step fashion.  If anyone has something like this they are deaccessioning, I’d love to have it.  I’d be willing to make a donation to your library/department and pay for shipping.  If you have something, please contact me off-list at victoria@xxxxxxxxxxx or (406) 994-6668


Thanks so much,


Victoria Heiduschke


Renne Library

Montana State University

(406) 994-6668


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